Convincing Your Boss to Embrace Video

10th May 2018 in Video Marketing

It’s a situation we see time and time again. We meet a potential client. They are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, intelligent and yet completely unable to make the final decision on video marketing for their business. They may be a Junior Marketing Manager perhaps, or an aspiring employee. They understand the potential of video but have found that persuading the boss, the overall decision maker after all, is perhaps a little more difficult.

The meteoric rise of video is easy to see. From global brands to one-man-bands; the video marketing industry is seeing growth on an unprecedented level. But. You remember a time when you had to get the boss on board to invest in a website. The basic online presence you started with needed to become a marketing platform, the mothership to everything that has proceeded it. You succeeded in selling its worth… eventually. Social media came next. A digital marketplace with a global reach that has redefined the way we do business. Another difficult sell to the boss, though.

The worry for business owners, especially those who came before the ‘digital age’, is the risk of buying into a fad. Video may sound a great idea, but money is money. Unfortunately, video marketing is no longer the future. It is the present. It is now and, if employed correctly, will grow your business. Flailing limply in the direction of social media, before eventually taking it seriously, may have been an acceptable risk, but a video is different. You must embrace professional quality or not bother at all. There is a cost in this, and money is something that those at the top will always be devoted to retaining.

What you need is both financial AND business arguments to convince of video marketing’s value. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the more compelling arguments for you to use:

Social Media LOVES Video

In June last year, stats showed that Facebook had had 12.3 billion video views. Agreed, some of them will have been videos of dancing cats, but a large percentage were also branded marketing videos, something that 65% of people say encourages them to visit the company’s website after watching. It is also agreed that a post with a video attached has 100% more engagement than the average post. You invested in social media, now make sure you have quality to share!

Google LOVES Video

When it comes to SEO and search engine rankings, video is the most important weapon in your armoury. Google (other search engines are apparently available) endeavours to provide a mix of content types when answering a search, to increase the chances of a favourable result. This makes video highly sought, as the amount of web content far outweighs video. With 90% of online shoppers saying that they have used video to make a buying decision, video gives Google incredible value, so search results increasingly include video and you are rewarded as a result.

Perhaps most of all… people LOVE Video

Regardless of the context, either business or personal, people will always share, retweet or favourite something that relates to them and that they like. 100 million internet users are estimated to watch a video online every day, and 50% of users will watch one that is business-related on YouTube at least once a week. The demand for video is there, it's about honing your message and making sure your customer embraces it, something a professional video marketing company is trained to do.

These points are just the beginning. To get the full low-down on why you need to use video marketing, contact us today.

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