Finding the Right Video Company

12th February 2018 in Video Marketing

What makes a good video production company? The answer isn’t simple – but experience, passion and creative drive are all included. But more important than what makes a good company is what makes them good for you? What should you look for when sourcing a video team to create something exciting and visually stimulating for your business?

Finding the Right Video CompanyNo matter how you look at it, video is a big investment. To find any sort of quality, it is important that you have a sufficient budget. Sure, you can film on your phone and then upload to YouTube, but the quality will reflect on your company and judgements about your own value will be made.

It’s therefore important to make sure you choose the right company for you: spending your money wisely to get the results you desire and deserve for your outlay. Whether you’re looking to enhance your brand, market your service or sell your products, video gives you the functionality to target what you deem important, in simple terms that customers can engage with.

Every video company will be unique, even if their videos aren’t. If you find a video team that offers a specific genre of video as opposed to a diverse range, make sure your industry and your message come under that genre.

Enlisting video producers is often a jump into the unknown, but if you follow the rules below and think of SRCC you can feel a little more confident about what the outcome will be:

SHOWREEL - showreels are important, but definitely not the be-all-and-end-all of your decision. What a showreel can do is offer you diversity, if there is any, as well as which projects the company is proud to promote. It is a fantastic overview, but nothing more than that. Ask to see full videos too and get more than just the edited “best bits” version. This will give you a better idea of the general feel of the videos they produce – and it will soon be clear if they’re not up to your standard.

RESEARCH - by looking at recent projects, you are able to determine the capability of your video company. If there aren’t new clients or projects displayed on the website, then social media is great for this. It gives you the up to date information that websites often can’t, and an idea of exactly how the company works today, not five years ago, and the technology they utilise.

COMPARE - get quotes! Don’t just speak to a single company. Prices in this industry will vary wildly, so find the range. That doesn’t mean take the cheapest, but equally, the most expensive won’t necessarily be the best for your particular project. Find out why they are different and either what is missing that other companies offer, or what can you live without to get a lower quote. Value can only be understood when considered alongside past projects too, so keep them in mind.

COMMIT - if you want quality video that fully represents you and your message, then it's a given that you have to spend. Whatever your budget is, make sure to devote as much as you can afford, to get as much time and technology spent on the video as you can. Higher prices are usually the marker for higher quality (though remember S, R and C!), so once you find the company for you then throw everything you can at them. Video is now a necessity for business, not a luxury. It’s an investment in your brand message that, with the help of the right video team, can mean the difference between success and failure.

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