Video Marketing: The Five Crucial Questions

13th January 2016 in Video Marketing

Six months ago, the forecast among marketing experts was that video would explode into action in 2015. It's early days, but there is momentum beginning to build and as budgets are re-evaluated, video has risen to the top of the pile once again. To many, it's considered a complex form of promotion, something outside of traditional means - a new kid on the block that some are too scared to approach.

Quality content is still the key of course, but the way it's presented has evolved. In the same way that people have adapted to the demands of social media, video must be attacked with similar vigour. Ultimately, as with any form of effective marketing, the process begins by asking critical questions about your brand, in order to address how your video will be presented and to whom. Video can be hugely beneficial to your company - as we explained in our previous blog post, but if it strays from the message or is presented poorly, then it can be the cause of more harm than good.

Seven out of ten consumers claim that video positively affected their perception of a company last year, thus encouraging them to proceed to a purchase or make a sales enquiry. By creating an effective, targeted campaign, you can quite quickly tap into this appreciation of visual marketing. The questions are simple in principle but require detailed answers. Answered loosely or lazily and your success will be affected. The questions fall handily into 5 categories:

  • WHY - Why are you creating a video and what goal do you have in mind? Are you promoting a service or product, offering education or simply being informative? Do you wish to maintain existing customers or encourage warm leads? Are you after quantity or quality in your views? Create an end goal and the path will become much clearer.

  • WHO - Who is your target audience? Are you pursuing certain industries, businesses, ages, or even a specific gender? These crucial demographics will lay down the approach you need to take to your video marketing campaign. Are you dictated by geography or how the video is accessed (via a mobile or desktop for instance)? Find out who, and your video message can be matched.

  • WHATWhat is your model? Are you looking to promote your brand through testimonials, case studies or client interviews? Perhaps a corporate video is more to your taste, or you have an event that could be captured. Will the video be live action or use animation? Funny isn’t always successful, yet neither is formality. Be professional regardless and make sure to tell a story.

  • WHEREWhere will you distribute to? You have to reach your target audience. Embedding on your website is useful when looking to convert visitors into sales or leads, and using social platforms such as YouTube or Facebook will increase sharing and engagement. But here's where you can be creative. Attach the video to email newsletters you send out, press releases you issue, and presentations you perform. Wherever you distribute, make sure your audience can find them. You'll undoubtedly be proud of your content, don't be shy in showing it off to the world.

  • HOWHow do you intend to measure your success? For a video to reach its full potential, it's imperative you analyse it regularly. Using Google Analytics will help you monitor your website usage and video engagement, and using a quality video player (such as Vimeo) can give valuable information on not just who watches, but where and when. If everyone tunes out at 1 minute 53 seconds, then work out why and change your video to compensate. Optimise your video based on customer reaction, the same as you would if it were face-to-face verbal interaction.

The final question comes down to the video production company you enlist to produce this marketing material for you. You need to choose a company with the passion and creativity to bring your brand message to life and the professionalism to meet your requirements. Asking yourself which video production company to use is perhaps the most important question of all. We know the answer is PureMotion and we know you will too - find out more about us.

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