How to Rank Higher on YouTube: The Tricks of the Trade

15th March 2016 in Video Marketing

Giving your video exposure is the sure-fire way to see you rank higher on YouTube. Popularity is obviously key to the ranking of any content, but giving people the opportunity to find and engage with your content is what leads to rewards. If they can’t find your video then there’s no way they can judge it. You want likes and shares, channel subscribers and ultimately people talking about your content.

YouTube’s reach is huge, second only to Google when it comes to search volumes. It’s packed with quality videos – well edited, well shot and beautifully written. There is a lot of competition, but with a few simple additions to the way you upload and distribute, you can look to take them on and raise your own ranking within this coveted search engine.

  1. The first place to start is with well-researched and well-placed keywords. Whatever form your marketing takes, be it a video, blog or simply a website, you will hear a lot about keywords and SEO (search engine optimisation). How you choose your keywords must be clever. They must be relevant to your audience and encourage them to click through, safe in the knowledge they are in the right place.

  2. A wonderful source of keywords is through Google (who, handily, own YouTube). These are called simply ‘video keywords’ and allow you to assess the traffic volume a search term will generate. All you need to do is search for your niche on Google and see if video results come up. If they do, fantastic. Next, take those same keywords and input them into a keyword planner to assess how frequently they are searched in a month. If over about 350 searches, you're in business. These are the keywords that will get you seen.

  3. Once you have sourced strong keywords that you know people are searching for, it’s important to place them carefully into your title, description and tags. The title length is key. Get your keywords in so it is long enough to inform, without becoming an essay. Try around 125 characters and keep your keyword at the start of the sentence. Fold keywords into your description too, gently adding them in, still allowing the text to flow. Add a link to your website or blog page to direct any traffic you get. Your tags are self-explanatory. Choose in the region of 10, including category, content, location and names of people who appear.

  4. Customising your thumbnail image is another simple yet highly effective step you can take. Show your audience that you are happy to make the extra effort and create your own thumbnail. A screenshot taken midway through your video looks unprofessional and can be taken at an inopportune moment too.

  5. Share, share, share. Your video must be found to be viewed! Use every social media platform you have, embed into websites or blogs and build popularity. Your video will be rewarded for each and every retweet, like, share or comment you get, so give as many people as possible the chance to do this for you.

With an estimated 30 million people visiting YouTube each and every day, you have an incredible audience to address. Although the above is a little more detailed, the formula is actually quite simple:

High number of views + high positive ratings + regular comments + high number of subscribers + large number of playlist adds = high YouTube ranking.

Follow the steps above, or speak to us at PureMotion for more guidance. As well as creating engaging, quality video content, we are experienced in getting our clients seen. Don’t allow your hard work to go to waste. Get yourself on the first page of YouTube and help customers come to you.

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