Learning Lessons From The Big Players

26th August 2015 in Video Marketing

When massive brands release their video marketing campaigns, it can often seem like a world away from what a small business could achieve. They have more money, a greater following and - in theory - that should lead to a video strategy that is completely out of reach for those further down the ladder. In actual fact, the principles behind video marketing remain the same no matter what size your business is, making it accessible to all.

So what can we learn from the big players? Yes, large companies can afford extravagant campaigns, but all video marketing is scalable, and there are definitely tactics to pick up from the more renowned in your industry that you can use to your advantage. All goals can be achieved no matter what the budget, it's just about finding the right message for you.

We have picked out a handful of some of the more successful video marketing campaigns so far this year, massive brands who have created something special to share to millions. Sounds inaccessible doesn’t it? We promise it isn’t. By picking out the key details in the videos below, you too can create something incredible that perfectly sells your brand.

Dove - #ChooseBeautiful

Dove are a global brand. Anyone who has washed before understands the products they provide and what they offer. This allows them to create a strong message that keeps them away from having to actively sell.

This video promotes a mission that Dove are on to #ChooseBeautiful. By combining perfectly with social media to create a buzz around the brand, Dove have targeted self-perception and confidence as opposed to buying soap, raising a debate without selling tactics.

What can we learn?

Dove have shown that for successful video, you should simply develop a strong message based around your industry, whatever that may be, and promote it. By attracting people to the debate, and not the products or services you sell, you are inviting a more emotional attachment to develop, leading in time to purchases once trust has been developed.

Budweiser - #BestBuds ‘Lost Dog’

In this video, played during this year’s American Super Bowl, Budweiser have played wonderfully on our human nature to feel sad when we see a cute animal in the rain, and love of well-known songs played slower and filled with emotion.

It is simple, but it displays a narrative. It is an ongoing story that carries you through to the end of the advert and to what we all know will be a happy ending. It creates this anticipation and delivers the emotion you knew would come alongside, immediately bringing up its brand once it has. This is clever, as you then associate one with the other.

What can we learn?

The answer isn’t to just use slow, emotional music, or to invite a fluffy creature into work. What this video displays is an ongoing story, that viewers are drawn into and actively want to follow. This particular ‘Lost Dog’ episode is one of a series of Budweiser videos, giving the watcher time to become attached as their relationship develops. It is a story within a story, again never actively saying ‘buy our beer’, but giving the watcher a story in exchange for their loyalty.

Facebook’s ‘How to Guides’

How-to guides are becoming massively popular throughout the business world, and the way that Facebook does it is incredibly powerful. They needn’t advertise what they do as people will sign up regardless, instead they have endeavoured to make Facebook easier to use with informative and entertaining guides.

What Facebook do is relate their service to real life situations, in a quietly funny way. Rather than presenting the information simply and blandly, this method of involving characters and a relatable situation makes Facebook accessible to the masses, and answers common questions in the process.

What can we learn?

How-to videos are a great way of explaining information quickly and easily to your customers, but needn’t be boring. Even if people are getting vital information that will help with what they are struggling with, they still want to be entertained. Understand what they want to know and come up with a creative way to present it. It needn’t be expensive or elaborate, as Facebook demonstrates - simply a different way of looking at a situation.

There's plenty more where this came from - contact us today to find out how video marketing can raise your brand's profile onlne.

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