Making the Most of Seasonal Video

1st October 2015 in Video Marketing

As important as the clarity of the message and quality of the video you produce is often how topical it is. Whether it's a specific season or occasion in the year, tailoring your message to take advantage of the emotions people have surrounding that event can put you in a really good position when it comes to video marketing.

The obvious choices are to develop a video based around Christmas, Easter and Halloween: easily recognisable and a big part of your customers' calendars. With that in mind, we took a look at some of the more successful marketing videos for each of these events, to see what lessons could be learnt for smaller businesses.

Christmas: Monty the Penguin – John Lewis

We could have chosen any one of the six Christmas videos that John Lewis have released, but decided on their latest, and the introduction to audiences of Monty the Penguin. This was the short story of a young boy and his pet penguin as they go about their day to day routine, including Lego, hide and seek and trampolining. During these fun and games, Monty meets another penguin and begins to display classic signs of loneliness and longing. It soon becomes obvious that Monty needs romantic company, illustrated by the way he views human couples.

There is snow, sledging and eventually a tree filled with presents. Beneath the tree? A friend for Monty! Plus it turns out that he was a teddy all along. Cue a big intake of breath from the audience, that warm feeling in your stomach when a child does something sweet and a message from John Lewis; ‘Give someone the Christmas they’ve been dreaming of’.

What can we learn?

The message screams Christmas and sweetness. What John Lewis are encouraging viewers to do is come in store and buy presents for all their loved ones, to give them that perfect day. A noble gesture and also one that earns the company millions each year. This can be easily replicated. Pull on those seasonal heart strings and give people a reason to want to buy your goods.

Halloween: Halloween Ad – IKEA

Promoting later opening hours for your store should be relatively routine, right? Not according to IKEA, who took the opportunity to call upon Halloween for their inspiration. The scene is set; a small boy begins riding through the store on a small tricycle. It's a store we all know, and a nod to a scene we’ve all seen (the classic Jack Nicholson film from 1980, ‘The Shining’ for our younger readers). With a combination of spooky occurrences, and even spookier music, we follow the small child through the store.

We see everything we expect from an IKEA store, as the child moves through bedroom sets to kitchens through their iconic hallways. Eventually he pulls up in front of two individuals dressed identically in a blue dress, again a nod to the Stephen King classic, who ask Danny to ‘come and pay with us’. It turns out that it was all a horrible dream, as the two in blue become Danny’s parents and they head together to the till. The message; ‘Late Night shopping till 11pm daily’.

What can we learn?

The message here is simple; even the most mundane things can be made interesting with clever video. The fact that IKEA is open late is important. If people don’t realise that fact, then it is a pointless exercise. There are additional bills to pay, staff and wages to consider, so by not promoting the simple message effectively it could even lose them money. Thanks to this video, the customers don’t forget.

Easter: Favourite Things – Aldi

Another nod to an iconic film (this time The Sound of Music), Aldi cleverly adapts one its most well-known songs to talk about their own products, from ‘puddings on swings’ to ‘prawns in white dressing’. All are mixed in with a combination of cute kids and delicious looking food, culminating in Mum illuminated by a huge, full to the brim double door fridge, which, we are led to believe, holds the majority of an Aldi store.

The Easter link comes through the food that is displayed; delicious toasted hot cross buns, a leg of spring lamb fresh from the oven and the famous Lindt bunnies hidden amongst flowers. We are also shown children with rabbit ears bouncing by, big fields of daffodils as the venue for an Easter egg hunt and a large table filled with eggs.

What can we learn?

Grabbing the attention of the audience with something familiar is a great way of drawing them in. It's from there that creativity can take hold, as it does with this advert and the changing of the words, so that it becomes something unique to you. The use of Easter is clever, thanks to the way that food is so prominent. The message here is simply that Aldi has a great range of food. Nothing more, nothing less.

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