Making the Most of Your Resources for Video Distribution

8th June 2018 in Video Marketing

When it comes to video promotion, there are countless techniques and strategies you can use – or your video company can perform – to make sure that you video is spread far and wide. What’s sometimes forgotten (or often not talked about) is how valuable it is to correctly utilise the resources you already have at your disposal. Distribution is vitally important, but should be a supplement to a grounded presence. What we mean by this is making the most of what you already have, such as your website.

All companies looking to trade or promote themselves online who have invested in video will have a website. It’s a platform for businesses looking for digital exposure, but can be much, much more than that. Your website is a powerful tool and should be the base of your online operations, providing value to the traffic that you send there through your distribution. It’s the standout channel on which to place your video content, and all other online marketing should look at finding creative ways of ultimately pushing traffic towards your website.

We have in the past talked about some of the more elaborate means of marketing videos in our post The Power of Video Distribution. We picked up on available amplifying apps and utilising trading partners, for instance. These again should be used as a directional tools towards your website, where valuable content and call to actions should be rife. You can’t beat sticking a video directly in front of someone who will watch it. Provided that your video is engaging and the website visitor has their interest piqued, then they will watch.

Having a video on your website has been proven to increase the conversion rate of online sales by as much as 80% – a staggering figure! With that in mind, you must make the video easy to find. If it’s readily available it will encourage viewings, and the more people you can entice to view your website video, the more highly Google will reward you for making them stick. This makes you easier to find and the cycle continues.

Make sure that your video is easy to want to play. When you use social media you could make a short advert of the main video and link people back to your website. Assuming the sneak preview you give is engaging enough, it may well be enough to bring people flocking to the full feature. Making sure your video answers the question being asked is also useful with websites. If someone is on the page looking for details on how to perform a task, make sure the video you use actually shows them how.

YouTube may get stick at times for being a crowded marketplace, but it’s actually the second largest search engine after Google. With that in mind, not utilising a YouTube account is simply madness. It’s yet another tool to push people towards your website, so use it that way. Just watching the video isn’t enough, you need them to perform a task.

A last little trick of the trade? If you’ve got a video that you’re desperate for people to watch, put a link in your email signature pointing people towards it. Maybe even create a small thumbnail to give people a sneak preview. Once they get to your site, you can monitor the analytics and keep them there. Use every resource you have available and get that video distributed.

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