PureMotion Predict: Part One The Stats Never Lie

12th February 2015 in Video Marketing

At PureMotion, we can confidently say that we know a thing or two about video marketing. Not just how to devise, develop and successively distribute content, but also what works for the client, for their customers, and the reasons why. In marketing spheres, 2015 has already been given the unofficial title ‘The Year of Video Marketing’. It's therefore a pretty good guess that popularity will only grow over the next twelve months and beyond. What’s important to us though is not just that our clients take advantage of this trend, but also understand the ‘why’ behind it.

In this handy two-part series, we look at the trends, statistics and make some predictions for the coming year, explaining why video is important and how you get on board. The enhanced analytics available to assess a video’s impact mean they can now be targeted more effectively than ever. This makes video crucial to the way you market your business online.

‘Creative’, ‘innovative’ and ‘eye-catching’ are buzzwords that are often bounded around when discussing content marketing or advertising. Fortunately, when it comes to video, they are absolutely spot on and vital in your quest to sway hearts and minds. It's about building a presence and engaging with an audience that's becoming more and more drawn towards visual consumption. Offering them the goods, in this case information about your company, products or services - in the most attractive way possible - must be your strategy.

You were promised some juicy stats, and here they are. Below are just a few of the more compelling reasons to jump on board the video train, and why in the year of video marketing you would be foolish to ignore this reliable form of media:

  1. 33% of tablet owners watch one hour of video per day. Engaging with service providers through mobile devices is a trend gathering momentum. The thirst for immediate information and entertainment is growing, something enabled by both tablets and smartphones. In fact, 69% of smartphone users say video is the perfect solution to grasping information quickly, something that can then quickly manipulate the buying decisions they make.

  2. Only 65% of people will watch more than three quarters of a video. Immediacy in life and video is king. It's an important factor to consider, that what you're trying to say must impact on the viewer quickly, calling them to action well before the final credits. Engage and retain to succeed.

  3. It's anticipated that 74% of all internet traffic will be video by the end of 2015. Again, very important to keep in mind. Make sure you aren’t left behind, and equally that you stand out from the crowd. The video phenomenon starts now and businesses across the globe must embrace it into their content strategy to reap the rewards. But simply having a presence isn’t enough - you must be unique and highlight those USP’s.

So there we have it, some tasty stats to whet your appetite. Now we've dealt with the why, next we look at the what, putting our camera where our mouth is with PureMotion Predicts: Part 2 – 2015 Video Trends. Stay tuned for what we consider to be this year’s style.

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