PureMotion Predict: Part Two 2015 Video Trends

20th February 2015 in Video Marketing

Video is undoubtedly the golden child of content marketing this year, its popularity growing by the day as more and more businesses understand the value of immediate information in an often impatient world. In Part One of PureMotion Predict, we outlined a few important stats as to why video is becoming so important, outlining a few simple facts to persuade the nonbelievers. Part two will allow us to expand past the ‘why’ into the ‘what’, and let us give you examples of exactly how video will and should be utilised over the next twelve months.

PureMotion Predict: Part Two  2015 Video Trends52% of marketing professionals agree that video offers the highest return on investment (ROI) of any marketing strategy if utilised correctly. At the end of the day, that’s what we’re all looking for: effective marketing that generates leads and sales we otherwise would have missed. At PureMotion, we predict that this will grow as the year progresses, with more and more professionals keen to promote virtues of video.

The following is what we consider will be important to the success of video content in 2015, factors important to address in your quest for added value:

  1. Mobile devices – it’s crucial that businesses understand the impact that mobile devices are having on the way that consumers buy. With a third of all website traffic already driven by mobiles, it would be foolish to ignore. Make sure your video is receptive to this and is inclusive to this form of viewer. 77% of tablet owners will view video at least once a month. Use that to your advantage.
  2. Keep content short – a short form video gives your business the opportunity to be immediately understood. Within the first thirty seconds, your content should have given viewers an overview of your offering and enticed them to investigate further. Keep it visually appealing and offer the essential info. The right kind of customer will then go the extra mile to fill in the gaps.
  3. Interactive video – encouraging your viewer to interact will be a key change in 2015 video marketing. By integrating a social sharing option within a video, a game that can be played, or even just a click-to-buy option once the pitch is complete will be crucial to a customer’s transition from viewer to buyer. Rewarding those who watch your video to the end is also savvy marketing, offering a discount code or voucher that they otherwise wouldn’t receive.
  4. Social media – as it stands, YouTube is the dominant force in online video content. Not for long, though. With Facebook stepping up a gear and Twitter and Instagram tapping into the ‘short and sweet’ market, it allows you to access consumers any time and any place, with 86% of people in the UK now having a social media account to target.
  5. Customer-generated video – people love making videos themselves, YouTube’s popularity is testament to that. Asking your customers to generate videos for you is the seamless way of interacting with them and receiving quality content at the same time. Ask passionate customers to submit their videos, pick the best, tidy it up and there you have one customer translating to many the merits of what you do.

93% of marketers use video for their own online sales or communication to a target audience. This shows the value that experts within the field attribute to video. It’s a tool that allows people to immediately access information, so, in the fast-paced world we live in, can you afford to ignore that trend?

PureMotion can help your business to win more customers with video. Contact us today for more.

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