The 4 Types of Video Your Business Should Be Using

31st July 2015 in Video Marketing

Assuming you’ve had any interest in marketing your business over the past twelve months, you’ll know that video has become a crucial tool. Much like in the early days of social media, everybody is starting to realise that whilst they do need video, they don’t necessarily know how to use it. The value it can bring is clear – but deciding on exactly what you want is a slightly more difficult task. Get the type of video wrong or fail to correctly present the right message, and your video is likely to get lost, and your money could be wasted. The answer? Work closely with a production company on a suitable strategy, pinpoint exactly what you hope to achieve and which type of video will suit the intended purpose, and you’re far more likely to reap the rewards – of which there are plenty.

It’s unlikely that using a single type of video throughout your marketing strategy is the most effective route, either. Keeping things fresh, creative and balanced with a variety of video content options enables you to utilise different platforms and meet different demands. Trying out different types of video isn’t something to be feared – you won’t know exactly which type of content your audience responds to best until they… well, respond to it. If your content is well-structured and used in the right places, it can be doubly effective.

Below are the 4 most important types of video that your business should be creating. Each different type meets a different purpose, so make sure that if you do invest in them, you know why – and what they can achieve:

  1. Landing Page Video – you have a receptive audience who is on your page for a very good reason. They know what you’re selling and want to know more about you. Give the people what they want and make sure that traffic stays put with an informative and eye-catching opening gambit.
  2. Meet The Team – the biggest brands are finally clocking onto the fact that people buy from people. We are moving away from faceless corporations to instead targeting people we feel we can trust. Show off your personality and your team with a video that gives a fun but informative insight into your company, and your audience will respond.
  3. Product Videos – looking at pictures of a product and reading about it is one thing, but really seeing it in action is another thing altogether. If you can’t make it into a shop for a demonstration, then a product ‘how-to’ video is the next best thing. Explaining specifications and describing features is far easier when you are able to show off the product itself, so make the most of your time.
  4. Video Testimonials – this goes back to the fundamental idea of trusting the people you hand your money to. Written words can be interpreted in different ways, and it can sometimes be difficult to truly represent how a client feels and still be seen as convincing. Present all that emotion visually, and there can be no misunderstandings. They love your company, so let other people hear why. The tone and feeling the client portrays in the video is what will sell your brand.

Mixing up video types is a good way of keeping your content fresh and engaging, as well as making it relevant across multiple platforms. Every video should be produced with the aim of selling your business's image, or increasing sales and leads. Your landing page video is about brand exposure and crystallising a message, and your meet the team video brings insight into the business, building trust. Product videos offer a virtual ‘try-before-you-buy’ and testimonials allow a viewer to relate to a situation. Each can be hugely valuable on their own, but together can make a comprehensive video marketing strategy and, ultimately, win you more business.

Wondering which type of video will suit your business, market and customer base? Contact us today for advice.

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