The ‘5-S Strategy’ To Successful Video

8th December 2017 in Video Marketing

Written content marketing is an effective way to boost a company’s image, engage with clients and is both easy and cost effective. Far easier than video, surely? Perhaps not.

We have seen video leapfrog its rivals and charge to the forefront of content marketing strategy. The return of interest (ROI) that video is showcasing makes it an incredibly valuable tool that, if distributed and shared effectively of course, can promote your brand image in a way that no other media can.

Do you think that making a successful video is a long and difficult process? Think again. Just follow the ‘5-S Strategy’ and create engaging video in no time.

S1 – Style

The style of your video will be crucial to its success. Choose a creative company like PureMotion to produce your video, but make certain that your influence is felt throughout the process. Hammer home your brand ethos, direction and target audience. Think about it; when buying a car you offer more to the dealer than ‘I need a car…’. Seek out good and bad examples of what you want and clearly set out your objectives. Essentially, make sure that you aren’t looking to fit a family of 5 in a brand new Aston Martin.The ‘5-S Strategy’ To Successful Video

S2 – Synchronise

Various video companies will offer you different things. Obviously you’re looking for quality, but also that the company understands your ethos and can deliver your style. Check out the specialities of the house before buying; what their strengths are and how their style can benefit you. Seek out portfolios and ultimately make sure you work in unison at all times; this video is all about combining your passion with their skill, after all.

S3 – Specifics

Send the most detailed brief you can. Your video producer won’t be a mind reader (usually), so giving them every piece of information will save huge amounts of time. Assume they know absolutely nothing about your business, and it’s fine if they don’t. Sometimes getting an objective viewpoint can help create something for the audience, rather than for you. Making sure you get across your message and aims effectively guarantees a better video.

S4 – Schedule

Organise your timings and expectations efficiently and creating a video will be a breeze. Begin with a start date, then factor in what materials you need to send (logos, brand guidelines etc.). Next, highlight when you would like to see progress and provide them with feedback – and lastly, agree on a completion date. Schedule people from your own CEO (if s/he needs to sign anything off), to the video producer themselves. This should be down to the hour (or minute if you’re a control freak) so that everyone knows their role and when it needs to be performed.

S5 – Speak

…self-explanatory? You’d be surprised. Talk and talk often. Be honest and polite, but above all make sure that throughout the process the producer knows exactly what you think, when you think it. The sooner feedback is given, the sooner amends can be made, avoiding that awkward ‘it’s going to cost extra’ scenario when you ask for changes too late in the day. Praise as well as criticise, producers in the main are tough; we can take it.

So don’t be fooled into thinking video is an impossible, time consuming dream. It can be simple if you make it so, and by following these simple 5 S’s can become the most engaging part of your content marketing strategy.

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