The Power Of Video Distribution

13th November 2017 in Video Marketing

One area of video production that is often overlooked is distribution. At PureMotion, we are able to devise and develop fantastically intricate, brand-led video content of an incredibly high quality. That’s great, of course, and makes for happy clients who know their brief has been met and that their video represents them perfectly.

Then, usually, the next step is to upload the video content online and wait for the traffic to come rolling in. Sometimes they get lucky. But without pre-meditated planning and careful execution, their hard earned money and invested time could go to waste, as the video remains unwatched. Effective distribution really is the master of content. Whether it's an elegantly written blog post, or a professional corporate video, the quality counts for nothing if your target audience isn’t watching.

The Power Of Video DistributionSocial media is obviously key here. The regular sharing of content helps the business world spin round, as we all look to encourage potential clients to sample what we have on offer. When it comes to video content, you can leave a snippet to be viewed on Facebook, or provide a ‘call to action’ hook on Twitter, but either way the end result should always be people viewing your video and engaging with your brand. Plus, the more likes, retweets, favourites and shares you accumulate, the better - helping you spread the message to a potential audience of millions.

Distribution is a strategy that needs to be implemented in tandem with quality content, however. Creating quality is a difficult process, so reward it by giving it the reach it deserves. One way to do this is to use social media amplifying apps. There are several on the market, all of which allow you to send messages and updates through other peoples' accounts; an incredibly useful tool.

By pushing out information through partners, retailers, employees and regular customers, you are forever uncovering new avenues yet untapped. This allows others to do your distribution work for you and spread your brand messages, whilst giving them quality content of their own to use. It’s win, win.

What this option offers you is an efficient way of expanding your network through existing channels. Your connections followed or liked you for a reason, so use that to your advantage and put them to work.

In these times, social media will almost always be your most effective avenue in whatever way you choose to share your content. At PureMotion, we are more than happy to advise you when it comes to using an amplifying app, or even arrange effective social media management to ensure you get the most out of the video content we produce for you.

What matters to us is that your video content is seen, and the messages that together we have tried so hard to express can be easily accessed by the right people, for the right reasons. Our video distribution services are available to add to any project, and our dedicated marketing team is more than happy to talk through the options right for you.

Whatever you do, just don’t let your video become another YouTube statistic. There are enough of those already.

To find out how our video production and distribution services can work for you, contact us today.

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