Video Landing Pages - What Are They Good For?

21st September 2015 in Video Marketing

The popularity of video landing pages is growing. By embedding a video onto your website’s homepage with a standalone player, you are able to seamlessly slide it into your marketing strategy, alongside the images and text that explain who and what you do. But as we know, popular doesn’t always mean successful – so knowing when to use a video of your landing page, and what rules to follow if you do, is crucial to making sure it works. Simply chucking a video on and hoping for the best just isn’t going to help you make the impact you’re striving for.

Video Landing Pages - What Are They Good For?The benefits of creating a video landing page are numerous. If you sell a relatively complex service or product for example, then being able to explain the ins and outs simply – and above all, swiftly – can make a huge difference to your audience. Let’s face it, we all consider ourselves to be busy individuals, so being faced with something that immediately outlines exactly what we need to know is a total godsend. The key is to keep your video attractive and informative and let the quality of what you do speak for itself.

As with using any video, knowing what you are trying to achieve should be paramount to its development, and the subsequent distribution too. What do you want your audience to do? You may simply use a video as an introduction to your company that then encourages the viewer to sign up to a newsletter for additional information. You might supply expert information, or allude to a special offer: things that help the visitor to feel that they’re getting something of real value by watching the video. We all enjoy something for free, so by asking for nothing more than a minute of someone’s time in return for a tangible reward is bound to boost those conversion rates.

Almost any business can benefit from a video landing page. If you’re from an industry that is traditionally thought of as ‘boring’ or ‘dull’, a professional service for example (apologies to the accountants and financial advisors of the world), or the seller of everyday, products that are relatively unexciting to the layman, then having a video that differentiates you from the competition can make a huge difference. Stand out from the crowd and show that your company is about more than organising taxes or producing toilet rolls. It is instead an enterprise run by talented, remarkable individuals who deserve your custom.

The smaller details to consider are things such as video length and whether to set ‘autoplay’. With length it’s important to consider the attention span of your audience. When on a landing page the visitor is likely to be looking for nothing more than an initial introduction to your company and confirmation that they are in the right place. 90 seconds is a good ballpark figure, but if you can shorten it whilst retaining the vital details, then great. Equally, if you aren’t able to produce the quality you need and feel restricted, then you may need to consider making it longer. There is no right or wrong, and the analytics you collect will give you the answers.

As for whether you allow your video to autoplay, the jury is out. It is generally considered an annoyance to have videos played without your consent (especially if there is sound too), but on the flip side, a video that people don’t realise they should play is a huge waste of time and effort. The best bet, as with duration, is to experiment. Whichever option gives you the highest amount of plays, and best retention, wins.

So, embedding a video on your website’s landing page can be a real bonus to any marketing campaign; if approached correctly, of course. The most important thing to focus on will always be quality – your video represents your company after all, but by speaking to your video production company and outlining a strategy for development and distribution, you can elevate a good video into a great one, and reap the rewards of higher audience engagement.

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