Visual Media: From TV To Online

9th September 2017 in Video Marketing

Depending on who you ask, advertising is often described as a single branch of ‘marketing’. Marketing will encompass everything about how you build and promote your brand, with advertising for many years the heavyweight in this specific division. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending again on who you ask, the landscape of advertising is changing. Former powerhouse television is suffering, with the energetic pretender to the throne, online media, beginning to rise against it. Advertising is having to adapt to meet these new demands and pick its side.

Just as newspapers have adapted to online publications, and music gave in to digital downloads and streaming, TV is now having to readdress its approach in the wake of Netflix and YouTube's new-found popularity. Visual media has always been important, but is now becoming crucial to the way that you advertise or market your business online too. Technological advances now mean that a previously difficult-to-analyse target audience is easily accessible and allows us to directly interact with them as often as possible.

But with this frequency comes certain pressures to perform. As advertising adapts and evolves its approach, it is the digital video platforms and companies that embrace visual media whom will reap the rewards. Live TV is being watched less and less. We fast forward through adverts, making them redundant on that platform. Future generations may well stop watching TV completely, embracing online methods unconditionally, as online browsing becomes more and more a part of everyday life.

This is where the difficulties lie. Digital video advertising is on the increase, as more and more companies see the writing on the wall and look to immerse themselves into what has previously been an untapped, yet vibrant marketplace. The trends show that this is a more efficient form of marketing - with impressions, click through rates and conversions all able to be tracked online in a way that TV viewership figures never could be.

The online audience spans millions and is accessible from across the globe. Great for everyone too is the transition from advertising agencies with full control of the industry, towards talented and creative businesses working innovative production companies to produce something unique. In a market that will soon become overcrowded, it is the combination of these two that will be rewarded. Targeted video that informs, inspires and entertains will become king, a big step away from catchy tag lines.

The world is becoming ever more digital, with mobile, social media and web based consumers now the norm. Advertising as it stands is rolling with the punches. It will quickly regain its feet, though, and then slowly begin to wrestle back control. By investing now in digital video you can take advantage of a fantastic opportunity and set the path, rather than struggle to keep up. PureMotion can help you get ahead now - contact us for more information.

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