Which Type Of Video Should You Choose?

15th March 2018 in Video Marketing

When it comes to marketing your business, whether digitally or offline, you should always look at which platform will work best for you, your brand and the message you are trying to convey. Video is no different – and understanding exactly which type of video will help make your project stand out is crucial. 

As you will no doubt be aware, video marketing is the buzzword of 2015, taking the mantle of social media as the must-have digital service for your business. It is important therefore, as it was with social media, that you understand exactly what is on offer and what each genre can do for you. Did it take time for you to get your head around the difference between Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? Well think of video in the same way, and ask: what do your customers want to see? 

Whether you’re B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) will play a huge part in your video category decision, as well your industry. When you think about brand awareness, it’s important that your message and image is consistent. A formal, corporate brand? Then perhaps avoid playful animation. A service provider? Product videos might not do the trick. 

Good quality video can be a sizeable investment, so make sure you get the required impact and that your video reflects positively on your business. Below are just a few of the options that we offer here at PureMotion, to give you a better understanding of exactly what’s on offer:

Promotional Videos

Ideal if you’re looking for exposure for a new product or service, or just want to reenergise your marketing for existing ones. Also great for brands too, helping you to build an identity through creative promotion and really underline what your company represents.

Corporate Videos

Forget lengthy, stuffy text that tries desperately to grab the reader’s attention. With a corporate video, you can quickly and creatively communicate values, identity and ethos loud and clear. It brings personality to your business, where before there was faceless branding. Great to use either internally or as outward PR, corporate is about combining message and style.

Animation Videos

As you can imagine, with animation there are no limits. With complex 3D product drawings and cartoon character animation at your disposal, the creative freedom really is endless. Motion graphics can be integrated into corporate and promotional videos, or be standalone. However you use it, expect entertainment.

Training Videos

Training videos are a hugely important tool for educating staff, suppliers and even customers on the latest procedures, processes and products in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Getting people together at the same time in the same place can be difficult. Video offers flexibility as you can train anytime, anywhere.

Above are just four of the categories available in video marketing. To find out more about brand, event, explainer and product videos, visit our video production services page. Picking the right video for the right audience is hugely important, so contact us today for expert advice on exactly which approach will work for you.

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