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The ICENI Centre is a surgical training hub - the product of a joint venture between Anglia Ruskin University and Colchester Hospital, which opened in 2007. Now established for many years, The ICENI Centre were looking to raise awareness of their state-of-the-art facilities, events and courses with a well-rounded promotional video.

As well as needing an informative marketing tool for both medical clinicians and senior executives, they wanted something inspiring which truly reflected the high quality work that they do, in way that traditional text and pictures can't quite manage.


In order to create a well-rounded video, we filmed over two days. The first day was spent at the ICENI Centre, where we shadowed a course that was running, as well as capturing the facilites they have to offer. We also conducted interviews with students, staff and directors to capture all sides of what goes on at the centre. On the second day we attended one of the ICENI conferences to demonstrate the events that they run. 

With a range of footage in the digital can, we set about crafting a cinematic, inspiring video. The key to this was an eye-catching opening sequence using slow-motion shots integrated with powerful music, seamlessly flowing into an informative, engaging video.

The ICENI Centre

We created a promotional video for surgical training hub, The ICENI Centre. With a cinematic opening sequence and high production values, the video offers prospective students a good overview of what the centre has to offer.