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With a very large and diverse client base, Beanstalk felt they had something to shout about. The fantastic feedback they were getting from their clients carried a lot of weight in their marketing activities, and it wasn’t long before they realised that capturing some of this feedback on video was the best way to showcase it.

Testimonial videos are far more powerful and offer much greater value than having the same content as blocks of text on a website. Being able to hear and see a real person giving their opinion meant for a much more effective method of proving Beanstalk’s authority and knowledge in their industry.


We travelled to a number of Beanstalk’s clients, located all over the country, at a time that suited them. Armed with a series of questions, we set the cameras rolling and let them give their responses in their own words, whilst following the format of the questions. This enabled us to give a structure to the videos during filming.

The videos were then edited down in order to shape a more concise narrative, whilst retaining the natural feel given by the interviewees. This allowed us to create sharp, informative videos that really shone a light on Beanstalk’s reputation.

Square Halo Testimonial

This testimonial is from Square Halo, a full service design agency based in Essex. They used Beanstalk's services and were more than happy to share their experience.



"PureMotion have produced a series of high quality promotional testimonial videos for us which have definitely met the specific marketing objectives we wanted to achieve at the outset of the project. As a marketing agency ourselves we’re quite savvy when evaluating suppliers of marketing-related services; we choose PureMotion as they clearly knew their onions, but also because they were very easy to deal with and critically were able to give us some really good advice and creative ideas on how to achieve our objectives."

Phil Swanson Director, Beanstalk Marketing