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When they first got in touch with us, Fluid Business Coaching had recently undergone a major rebrand. Video was to play a key role for them moving forward.

Fluid approached us with a multitude of video concepts - which included filming at events, capturing testimonials from several of their clients and developing a new subscription-based coaching video platform.

We took these initial concepts and worked very closely with them to develop their ideas into something more concrete - creating a comprehensive production plan to work from.


A unique approach was required for each of the different videos we created. The events we filmed had to capture the atmosphere of the day in a short space of time, and were more focused on visually showing Fluid's involvement. The testimonials, however, were all about getting over key information. We created a question framework to ensure everyone covered the same topics, and some clever editing kept each interview concise, whilst allowing the speaker to talk freely and naturally without a script during filming, creating genuine testimonials. 

The training videos were filmed in a studio environment, with the coach speaking straight to camera for a more engaging video. Sound and visuals were completely in our control, meaning that the final videos weren't distracting for viewers trying to digest complex subject matter. All the videos looked uniform, too - crucial for a long-term project with filming spanning over several months.

Fluid Business Coaching Testimonials

We were contacted by Fluid Business Coaching, based in Chelmsford, who asked us to produce a number of testimonial videos. This involved filming at several of their clients’ offices and editing the footage into short videos for online use. 


Fluid at The Business Show

We accompanied established business coaching company, Fluid, to The Business Show 2015 at London's ExCeL. We filmed their interaction with exhibition attendees and edited a short video to showcase their presence at the event and promote their services in general.