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The Sales & Marketing Consulting Group were launching a new brand – Key Account Management. A subscription-based website, KAM is built entirely on video content, training managers all over the world on the many different aspects of best practice key account management.

As the chosen supplier of video content for the new site, PureMotion collaborated with SMCG and put together a strategy for producing the high volume of video content required – often more than fifty episodes per series. This content is hosted on the KAM website, ready for managers to log on and learn as they please.


Due to the large amount of video content required, we devised a filming method that allowed us to capture most of the footage required for a series in one day. The content was delivered to-camera by a presenter. In some series of videos, this footage was then combined with additional material, such as role-plays performed by actors.

Graphics and other elements were also added in post-production to highlight the key points made by the presenter – making for engaging, informative videos. A consistent style and format was kept throughout all content produced, ensuring a professional feel and a continuously high level of quality.

Winning New Customers - Introduction

This video served as the introduction to the thirty-two-video series 'Winning New Customers'.



"The Sales & Marketing Consulting Group is a global consulting firm working with a range of companies around the world. Many of our projects require skills development for client managers. Blended learning tends to be more effective than traditional classroom training and we wanted to find a video production company which was both creative and flexible in order to create training modules on video.

"We discovered that there are many high calibre video companies but none was as quick to understand what we wanted to achieve and to provide creative solutions within budget as PureMotion. The team is very flexible and easy to work with. The quality of their output is excellent. We have had many positive comments about the quality of the work. We have recommended the PureMotion team to our clients and they will continue to be our preferred partner. We thoroughly recommend them."

Richard Ilsley Partner, The Sales & Marketing Consulting Group