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Trampoline parks are... springing... up everywhere, and Rebound landed in Hull in May 2016. Safety is paramount for any extreme sport, and so Rebound were after an eye-catching video to explain the rules to bouncers before they entered the park.

Customers of all ages would be playing, meaning the video needed to speak to the little ones, but not sound patronising to the big ones. We opted for quirky illustrations with a splash of humour, aiming for a light-hearted but effective video that keeps all viewiers engaged throughout.

We were excited to jump in feet first with this video, and coudn't wait to roll up our sleeves, slip on our extra-grip socks and tackle the challenge ahead.


This animation all started with the script. There were a large amount of dos and don'ts to get across, so it was a fine balance to craft a video that explained all the rules in a fun and entertaining way, without sounding like a long, monotonous list. Some careful wording, a jumpy music track (of course!) and an upbeat, friendly voiceover meant we found that holy grail.

Once the audio was sorted, we moved onto the visuals. Bespoke design, illustration and animation allowed us maximum creative flexibility. A character rig was built that gave realistic movements, so we had that combination of friendly, cartoon bouncers that didn't look like awkward stick men. A final dusting of sound effects helped bring the animation to life, creating a well-rounded final piece that ticked every box it set out to.

Rebound Safety Video

We had the challenge of producing a fun, entertaining and informative safety video for Rebound Trampoline Park's customers to watch before they entered the jump area. This quirky animation is eye-catching and light-hearted... just the ticket!