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Whitehall Resources is a fast-growing company with a very strong ethos – to be the very best they can be at what they do. With this and other key messages forming the basis of their operations, they felt that a corporate video would be the perfect way to tell everybody about them.

With a new website in the works, Whitehall approached PureMotion with the idea of producing the corporate video to tie-in with their online upgrade. We helped them put together a production plan that meant they got the most they could out of their new content.


To give a clean, professional feel to the video, we chose to shoot the main interview material in a central London studio. Whitehall arranged for a number of clients to come to the studio and provide testimonials for them on camera, which was then combined with key messages from staff members to give a well-rounded account of their corporate messages.

Shots of their recruiters in action was captured and edited into the video, to increase the visual impact and leave an impression on the viewer. The music was chosen to match the pace of Whitehall’s operations, making for an overall eye- and ear-catching video.

The Oracle Recruitment Experts

PureMotion were commissioned to produce a video for Times Fast Track 100 SAP recruitment company Whitehall Resources. With an intentionally corporate feel, we combined studio filming with shots of recruiters in action to produce a fast-paced, upbeat film.