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Sometimes, you just need to leave reality behind.

When it comes to telling your story through video, a camera isn’t always the best tool for the job. With creative animation videos, you can really push the boundaries. Whatever the subject matter, bring it to life with playful, attention-grabbing animated visuals that can make even the most mundane topics sparkle with excitement. Powerful and compelling, using animation for business can transform your online image.


Why Use Creative Animation Videos?

  • No restraints, convey your messages with complete freedom
  • Express your personality and brand imagery in true style
  • The best way to communicate complex ideas or technical processes

How can I use animated videos?

Creative animation videos are one of the most versatile video marketing tools you can use. If you’ve got a complicated offering, animated explainer videos can help your customers understand what you do in a matter of minutes. Perhaps you’re releasing a new product or service? A short animated video can demonstrate its features and benefits in an engaging and thought-provoking way. Animated video content allows you to connect with your audience on an entirely different level.

What’s involved in the process?

We examine your objectives and develop a unique concept to make sure they’re achieved: whether that’s boosting sales, generating leads or skyrocketing brand awareness. After honing down a script and storyboard, our animation team designs your video from scratch, before making everything come to life with motion graphics. Adding in voiceover, music and sound effects will ensure your video content hits all the right notes and resonates with your audience.

Beyond the video...

As an animated video production company, the video content we produce gets you seen. Used as part of an integrated social media video marketing strategy, animation can boost clickthrough and increase conversion rates like nothing else. Animated explainer videos let you communicate your messages and increase brand awareness while captivating your audience with engaging motion graphics. Whether it be character animation, product demos or app walkthroughs, creative animation videos unlock a world of possibilities.

Who says so?

"PureMotion were able to work to a specified brief and produce several animated videos for us in very reasonable timeframes, responding to our requests quickly and ensuring every aspect of the production went smoothly. We would not hesitate to recommend their video production services to others.”

Nina Marston Marketing Manager, Seatrade Global

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