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Your product ticks all the right boxes. But how do you prove it?

It’s that age-old dilemma. You know your product is the best fit for your customers. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t sell it, right? But the trick is showing it. You need to demonstrate its features in a quick, succinct way that really captures the imagination of your audience and gives them no reason not to purchase from you. Product video production enables you to do just that.


Why bother with sales video production?

  • Back up your sales messages by letting your customers see your product in action
  • Grab the attention of your audience and really convey the benefits beyond simple text and photos
  • Quickly show the reliability, quality and value of your product in an easy-to-consume format

How can I use product explainer videos?

Sales video production offers so many possibilities, whether you use live action filming or motion graphics. It may be that you supply a wide range of items, and want to provide your potential customers with an engaging way of finding out more about them. Using product demonstration videos to convey those messages means you have an incredibly compelling sales tool at your disposal. You could compare each of your products, explaining the key features and benefits before offer purchasing advise. Or, perhaps you’ve come up with the perfect answer to a decades-old problem and want to shout about it from the rooftops. Whatever your objective, product videos help you cut through the clutter and show off your solution to the world. Enlisting the help of a product video production company will make sure you get noticed.

What’s involved in the process?

The key with product explainer video production is understanding that the attention span of your target audience is limited. We know that your top priority is getting your product noticed, so we’ll help you find a way to get across your sales messages and portray the features of your solution in a quick but powerful format. The Holy Grail with sales videos is striking the balance between video duration and the information it conveys. You want to deliver all the relevant points without overloading the viewer, enticing them to discover more. Our experience as a product demo video production company means our creative team will look closely at your video goals and advise how best to achieve them.

Beyond the video…

Effective product demo video production is just the start. To really channel the power of video content, a well-constructed video marketing strategy is just the ticket to ensuring your product gets seen, and ultimately purchased. Product videos work in harmony with promotional videos and corporate videos to create a holistic video strategy to really engage customers through your social media platforms and website alike. Product video production helps to magnify your conversion rates and amplify your brand identity like nothing else.

Who says so?

"PureMotion have produced a series of high quality promotional testimonial videos for us which have definitely met the specific marketing objectives we wanted to achieve at the outset of the project. We choose PureMotion as they clearly knew their onions, but also because they were very easy to deal with and critically were able to give us some really good advice and creative ideas on how to achieve our objectives."

Phil Swanson Director, Beanstalk Marketing

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