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Pull up a chair and let us educate you in the art of school video production.

Clearly, learning is the name of the game in the education sector, but so many schools, colleges and universities miss the opportunity to really teach what they’re all about. Whether you’re an independent school or you run an online course, you’ll have a story to tell. Maybe it’s your student success stories, vibrant school environment or exam achievements. Whatever your message is, there’s no better way to communicate it than with a school promotional video.


Why showcase your school with a short video?

  • Provide a unique insight into your institution in a way that only video can achieve
  • Bring out your school’s personality and image with authenticity
  • Demonstrate achievements and successes in an engaging format

How can I use school videos?

The all-important stats and figures that schools pride themselves on are the end result of all the time, effort and resource you put into making your school a remarkable experience for students. Usually, what shapes that experience is a journey of learning, evolving, making friends, overcoming challenges and being motivated to succeed. This human element is something that’s difficult to demonstrate to the prospective parent and student looking from the outside in, but a school promotional video can capture exactly that. How you decide to do that depends on many factors, but if you get it right you will be able to provide a unique insight into your school or college in a way that no parent’s open day can match.

What’s involved in the process?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to making great school promotional videos. With video marketing, the production process starts with the planning stage, which looks at your objectives and helps us decide the best approach. You could focus on the grounds and facilities in the form of tour videos, or maybe focus on a students’ experience using the “day in the life of” format. Alternatively, you could take on a more holistic approach, incorporating student and staff interviews with shots of the grounds and classroom activities, creating a rounded marketing video for your school. If you’re thinking of doing something different, why not consider making a video prospectus for people to watch? Once we’ve worked out exactly what we need to capture and achieve that end vision, we can begin the video shoot.

Beyond the video…

Making the video is just the start - most video production companies will tell you that making use of it correctly is crucial to its success, but few practice what they preach. You should consider a digital marketing strategy to get the video content seen by the right people, in the right place at the right time. If you’re looking to increase student numbers or raise awareness of the school, then using a targeted social media campaign could work well for you. Perhaps you’d like to provide prospective parents with additional insight at open days by using the video as part of a live presentation to bolster your offering. Part of our Promote service is to help you explore the right avenues and get your educational videos in front of the right audience.

Who says so?

"PureMotion assured me that they would be able to produce something special for us. They were not mistaken! Throughout the process, they provided excellent support and they were extremely patient in their approach. We are delighted with the finished product which highlights the delightful setting and captures the essence of the school from the perspective of the children. We would certainly use PureMotion again and I would thoroughly recommend them to any company that is keen to promote their very special product."

Peter Jones Head Teacher, Littlegarth School

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